IzPack Java Software Installer - mailing-lists

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IzPack runs 2 mailing-lists :

  • [email protected]: announcements, general help, ...
  • [email protected]: IzPack development
  • [email protected]: Tracks the IzPack development tools messages (CVS/SVN commits, bug tracker tickets changes, patch manager changes, ...). No discussion is carried on this list.

The mailing-lists won't accept incoming emails from people that are not registred. To join the discussions, visit the IzPack mailing-lists at BerliOS.


The mailing-lists archive are available and start from January 31st 2004. The previous mailing lists were hosted by TuxFamily and the IzPack developers are trying to find a solution to make the archives available.

  • Browse the development mailing-list
  • Browse the users mailing-list
  • Browse the changes mailing-list


The IzPack mailing-lists are also available from Gmane.org:

  • gmane.comp.java.izpack.cvs
  • gmane.comp.java.izpack.devel
  • gmane.comp.java.izpack.user