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IzSound Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
izsound::BandFilterA multi-purpose frequency band filter DSP unit
izsound::BlackholeThis DSP unit is used on the end of a chain to grab the data
izsound::CrossFaderA crossfader DSP unit
izsound::DataPickerA data picker unit
izsound::DelayExtraStereoA DSP unit that adds some stereo-like effect by delaying one of the stereo channels
izsound::DeMultiplexerA DSP unit that duplicates an input stream into several output streams
izsound::DspUnitDefines a DSP unit
izsound::FlangerA DSP unit that applies a flanger effect on a sound stream
izsound::FragmenterFragments a sound stream into fixed-length data chunks
izsound::IzSoundExceptionDefines an IzSound exception
izsound::LibaoOutputUses the libao facilities to output the sound data
izsound::MadDecoderA MPEG files decoder DSP unit
izsound::OggFileDecoderDecodes the audio stream contained in an OGG Vorbis file
izsound::OssOutputThis DSP unit is able to output the sound data to an OSS device
izsound::PitchThis DSP unit is able to change the pitch of a stream against a ratio
izsound::PlayerDefines an interface for a player
izsound::SilencerThis unit produces silence, ie buffers made of 0.0 values
izsound::VolumeA simple unit that changes the sound volume against a factor
izsound::WhiteNoiseA Gaussian White Noise Generator

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