Chapter 1. Introduction

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IzSound overview
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IzSound overview

IzSound is a stream-oriented sound processing library. It has been designed around small DSP units that can be chained together to operate on the sound data stream. While there are already several libraries of this kind, most of them are either too simplists or too complicated. What's more, they are often written in the C programming language and lead to libraries having a lot of functions and data structures. Using an object oriented language can dramatically ease the learning process by having a clearer overview.

That's why IzSound is written in C++ in order to use the object oriented paradigms. Moreover, the C++ STL brings the concepts of generic programming and IzSound makes an intensive use of both the containers and the algorithms brought by the STL. This way it is built on both well tested data containers and algorithmic bricks.

IzSound in itself is a very small library containing the DspUnit class. It embeds the chaining and streaming logic of the DSP units. There is another library named stdizdsp which contains a set of DSP units covering various domains (OGG files reading, crossfading, pitching and so on).